150 Years in graphics,
the best needn't cost the earth...

We are one of the longest established family run digital graphics companies in the North West of England. Advanced Graphics Ltd was established nearly twenty years ago, yet the legacy goes back much further.

Graphics have been a thread which has run through our family since the mid 1800's, originally by Oxford based Francis Long a Royally appointed craftsman and specialist in coach lining, guilding and heraldry, however times change so nowadays we specialise in advanced design, innovation and manufacture/installation of signage, where we maintain our reputation for quality and service.

The majority of our custom arrives via word of mouth and is usually small local trade business, we provide a friendly professional service and a high quality product, using only the finest materials available ensuring product longevity and excellent value for money. In 1999 we left our Russell Road based factory and chose not to have a sign shop as the front end to our business. As we are a trade only service we felt it unecessary, because of this our customers don't pay for our overheads, and we think in restrospect this was a very important move considering the financial climate we now find ourselves in.

A full list of what we provide is on the
services page.

If you would like to get in touch, you can email us through the contact form on this site or if you would like to speak to a representative of AGL please call Chris on:
01704 233023 who will be happy to assist in your enquiry.